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Spring St.

Olivia Fredricks

Spring st. is an exploration of place and the built environment. My experience of Portland has been of vibrant blues in every body of water from puddle to ocean. Elegant, thoughtfully-formed, sometimes even hand-crafted pieces of furniture sit on the side of the road. Donation boxes, little free libraries, and birdhouses are crafted with the same acute roofs and narrow windows as the apartment buildings and victorian houses. Decorative flourishes on buildings take on anthropomorphic qualities. I am interested in the meaning behind an object’s design as much as its role in my everyday life. Through selective rendering of my surroundings, I’m taking notes on human behavior and relationship to objects.
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The works in this show function both as selected records of my current life and as forms of world-building and storytelling. In and outside of my living space, I record objects as data points then isolate them to interpret meaning. Much of the imagery was collected in or near my apartment on Spring street. These are firsthand encounters, specific to me but universal in nature.  My reflections are those of a participant observer, enmeshing myself in the new surroundings to learn the particularities of this place and time.






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On view until June 27

Viewable via Free street gallery windows.
In-gallery visits limited due to covid restrictions.
To schedule an in-person viewing, email ofredricks@meca.edu.

Artist Talk 7pm
Tuesday, June 22, 2021
Olivia will be discussing the work and Maine College of Art’s Artist-in-Residence program.
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Bio: Olivia Fredricks is a printmaker, zine-maker, and illustrator whose work deals with everyday spaces and the objects within them. She received a BFA in Studio Art with an emphasis in printmaking at the University of Arkansas School of Art in 2019. Her work has been shown in numerous group shows around the country, including the Screenprint Biennial, PrintAustin Expo, and International Print Center New York.