Spring St.

Zand Head Gallery
Portland, ME
June, 2021
Spring st. is an exploration of place and the built environment. My experience of Portland has been of vibrant blues in every body of water from puddle to ocean. Elegant, thoughtfully-formed, sometimes even hand-crafted pieces of furniture sit on the side of the road. Donation boxes, little free libraries, and birdhouses are crafted with the same acute roofs and narrow windows as the apartment buildings and victorian houses. Decorative flourishes on buildings take on anthropomorphic qualities. I am interested in the meaning behind an object’s design as much as its role in my everyday life. Through selective rendering of my surroundings, I’m taking notes on human behavior and relationship to objects.

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Accompanying Publication - Let’s Take A Walk

POST, 2020

Space Gallery
Portland, ME
Oct 7-Nov 4, 2020
Distribution has always been a mode for upholding democracy. In 2020 mail services became vital to our health, safety, economic activity, and political engagement. In the absurdity of the contemporary moment, a mundane piece of public infrastructure became a politicized symbol around mail-in voting. The term “post” refers to the mail, but it also refers to a marker of the start and end of a horse-race, the act of publishing and dispersing information on the internet, the place where a soldier is stationed–images that resonate emotionally this year. In its role as a prefix, it refers to that which comes after. We are waiting for what comes after. 

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